CMESG Charitable Donation Policy

Effective March 1, 2010


  • The CMESG/GCEDM Charitable Donation Program is intended strictly to provide support for eligible full time graduate students in mathematics or mathematics education at Canadian universities to attend the annual CMESG/GCEDM meeting;
  • Distribution of donated funds shall be done according to the CMESG/GCEDM Policy on Conference Grant Support for Graduate Students;
  • The total amount of donation support for graduate students at a CMESG/GCEDM meeting shall be based strictly on donations made during the calendar year immediately prior to the year of the meeting, plus any residual donation funds remaining from previous years, less all appropriate and reasonable expenses directly relating to charitable activities;
  • The regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency shall take precedence in all cases;
  • Donations will only be accepted if they are offered without conditions;
  • Receipts for charitable donations will be mailed to donors by February 28 of the year following the donation;
  • This donation policy shall be reviewed by the CMESG/GCEDM Executive on an annual basis.