• Dr. Deborah Hughes-Hallett, University of Arizona
  • Dr. Éric Roditi, Université Paris Descartes

Working Groups

  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing – Lisa Lunney Borden & Florence Glandfield
  • Theoretical Frameworks in Mathematics Education Research – Anna Sierpinska & Jérôme Proulx
  • Task Design and Problem Posing – Ami Mamolo & John Grant Mcloughlin
  • Early Years Teaching, Learning, and Research – Ann Anderson & Helena Osana
  • Innovations in Tertiary Mathematics Teaching, Learning, and Research – Denis Tanguay & Taras Gula

Topic Sessions 

  • Dr. Richard Barwell, University of Ottawa
  • Dr. Paul Deguire, Université de Moncton
  • Dr. Peter  Liljedahl, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Lyndon Martin, York University
  • Dr. Sophie René de Cotret, Université de Montréal


  • Should we continue to teach fractions in school? – Ralph Mason & Peter Taylor (YES); Elaine Simmt & Frédéric Gourdeau (NO)